all confessions will be anon unless you request otherwise. please submit confessions to your heart's content.



Our default setting is anon — we will not be reblogging or posting with usernames the confessions you submit. As soon as we receive the confession (via a submitted photo/link or through email) we’ll save the picture and delete your information. 

Please play nice, there will be no personal attacks. This is just fun and games — and a great way to vent. 

When you submit a confession (you can also email us: cyclingconfessions at, be sure to include either the picture itself or a link to the picture. 

Note: if you don’t want to edit the picture — you don’t have to! Just include your picture along with your confession and one of the mods’ll edit it for you. If you do wish to make them yourself and don’t have a graphics program, we recommend FotoFlexer (online), (free/downloadable and easy to use) or Gimp (free/downloadable and for the advanced user)

We all love cycling, but we also love making fun of it. Have fun, seriously.